(A5 Sample) Reflective CoolKote Poly Conservatory Roof Film



SummaryRegulate an ambient temperature throughout the yearReduce glare to see TV/Computer screens clearlyBlock 99% UV which is the main cause of sun damageHelp to hide yellow marks or discolouration and gain uniformityRetain the light levels within the conservatory(A5 Sample) Reflective CoolKote Poly Conservatory Roof Film DescriptionPolycarbonate Conservatory Roof Film to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summertime.

Keep heat out in summer
Keep heat in during winter
Reduce glare – see TV screens clearly
Protect soft furnishings. flooring and furniture from sun fade

Please note this is for polycarb roofs only – for a glass roof please see our store for glass fims.

Available in 1524mm width – sold by mtr
Only buy what you need to complete the job
Easy to install with minimal household tools required
Full fitting instructions are supplied

Heat Reduction – 70%
Heat Retention – 66%
UV Block ( cause of sun-fade to carpets/curtains/blinds ) – 98%
Glare Reduction – 82%

This film is fitted internally to the underside of the polycarb/plastic roof panels

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