(1.5m x 1m) Non Reflective Privacy Window Film



SummaryRefect heat away in summertime keeping the room at an ambient temperature Dark tint to the outside with a transparent view out from the inside to provide daytime privacy from onlookersGlare reduction to allow TV & Computer Screens to be seen clearlyUV block to protect soft furnishings, carpets and curtains from sun damage Low-E coating to keep the heat in during the winter months and reduce energy bills(1.5m x 1m) Non Reflective Privacy Window Film DescriptionNon – Reflective Window Film – Used for daytime privacy and to regulate heat & glare during the summertime
Suitable for glass conservatory roofs, windows, bifold doors, patio doors etc

Excellent privacy without a reflection – dark from the outside – very slight tint from the inside

This film also has a Low-E coating which keeps heat in during the wintertime

Please note this is for glass areas only – for polycarbonate roof film please see our other listings

Available in 1524mm width – sold by mtr

Only buy what you need to complete the job

Easy to install with minimal household tools required

Full fitting instructions are supplied

Heat Reflection In Summer – 72%
Heat Retention In Winter – 66%
UV Block ( cause of sunfade to carpets/curtains/blinds ) – 99%
Glare Reduction – 78%

This film will allow you to see out and enjoy the view clearly from the inside, from the outside it will provide daytime privacy – it is ideal for conservatory roof areas and windows to keep the heat in during the winter, out during the summer and to block glare & sun-fade
Note that all solar films react to the brightest light source and therefore at night time the effect will reverse when the internal lights are switched on.

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