(Orange Burst) Heavy Duty Strip Blind/Fly Blind 80cm wide x 200cm drop



SummaryDont get bugged, get a bug blind! Made in England since 1964High quality strips of plastic attached to our tube shaped poles ready easy fixing!Once unwrapped, the blind simply sits on a pair of hooksWe also sell fitting hooks for different door framesThe original, the widest range of colours, for over 50 years.(Orange Burst) Heavy Duty Strip Blind/Fly Blind 80cm wide x 200cm drop DescriptionIf its strength that you need then the heavy duty blind is the choice for you.

Made from 12 thou thick (285 micron approx) plastic and supported by a heavy duty tube bracket complete with protective end caps this blind provides quality together with durability and is ideal for kitchens, pubs and doorways anywhere around the home.

The extra strength of the blind has proved to be extremely popular and is the leader in the hotter countries due to the thicker and more heat resistant material.

Available in many colour choices as listed on drop down menu.

Specifications- UK Measurements-80cm wide Length- 2 metres.
We also make other sizes (90 and also 100 cm/one metre.
All blinds made by Holland Plastics in England, manufacturers of quality blinds for over 50 years, accept no imitations!

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